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Non-Profit Organisations

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Tax concessions overview 

Are we a non-profit organisation? 

Are we a charity? 

Are we a health promotion charity? 

Are we a public benevolent institution (PBI)? 


Registration Overview 

Applying for an ABN 

Registering for GST & other taxes 

Updating registration 

Cancelling registration 

Income, sales, turnover, fundraising and donations 

Gifts and donations 



Sponsorships/ business partnership

Claiming your purchases & expenses 

Dealing with suppliers 

Fuel scheme grants 

Employees & other workers 

PAYG – withholding 

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) 

Salary sacrifice arrangements 

Superannuation guarantee 

Eligible termination payments 


Employees & child support 

Contract workers 


New financial staff in your organisation 

Record keeping, administration and payment 

Record keeping – General information 

Record keeping – Reporting & paying tax 

Record keeping essentials 

Bank accounts & investments

Organisational structures 

Reporting & paying tax 

Ending a group or organisation 

Resources – Guides 

Resources – Tax basics for non-profit organisations 

Resources – GiftPack for deductible gift recipients & donors 

Resources – Fact sheets 

Resources – Gifts & fundraising 

Resources – Income tax exemption 

Resources – Capital Gains Tax 

Resources – Fringe Benefits 

Resources – GST 

Resources – Other 

Resources – Forms & Instructions

Resources – Non-Profit News Service 

Resources – About the Non-Profit News Service 

Resources – Committees & Forums 

Resources – Health Industry Partnership 

Resources – Online Services

Resources – Tax Withheld Calculator 

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